Since 1923, Beker Fashions has been a leader in event dressing for the North American market. Locally designed and manufactured in Toronto, Beker Fashions is one of the top Canadian manufacturers of luxury evening wear.

As a fourth-generation family run business that began with the late Sam Kaiman and Abby Beker, the company continues to expand under the leadership of Ron Beker and daughter Kelly Beker. The family has always placed an emphasis on maintaining a close relationship with its customers and suppliers. With a focus on exceptional craftsmanship, luxury fabrics and special orders, Beker Fashions partners with exclusive boutiques in designer fashion.


For nearly thirty years, Frascara has been a trusted brand for special occasions. Dressing women across North America, Frascara portrays the essence of a confident woman. All gowns are individually sewn with a focus on quality, size-inclusivity and a flattering fit. There is an emphasis on exquisite fabrics with couture inspired detailing which are essential elements for Frascara’s refined and timeless signature.


Frascara is designed by native Torontonians, Francesca Mammoliti and Cindy Fine. Both designers have a complimentary working relationship which has resulted in creating elegant designs that strike a modern yet feminine balance. It is truly rewarding to see women choose Frascara for their most special occasions, where they radiate style, beauty and confidence.


The Beker headquarters in Toronto houses all facets of creative design, production, quality control and distribution. By keeping our production local we reduce our carbon footprint and maintain complete oversight over our supply chain. All our garments are locally made with fair labour and benefits for our employees.

Our ethos is rooted in luxury fashion with a low impact on the planet. We work with high-end fabrics, many of which are continuously running to ensure materials will not be replaced after one season. Our gowns are made-to-order through our boutiques, meaning we use the exact amount of material that is required and avoid mass production; this helps to reduce the amount of textile waste in our factory.

As we learn, grow, and innovate to advance fashion manufacturing practices towards a more sustainable future, we believe we can do better for our environment, and make a positive impact as Beker Fashions continues to expand globally.